TC Memorial

Today we had to say goodbye to our 16 1/2 year old cat, Teela Comet, better known as TC, who was suffering from cancer.  When our 19 year old cat, Miss Kitty, died in 1992, we went to the Northeast Animal Shelter and got TC.  A couple of months later we went back and got Gandalf.  In 1993 our yellow lab, Beta, joined the family, and finally, we adopted Butch from a friend.  TC was the last of the pets we had with the kids growing up, so her passing marks the end of an era.

TC is survived by Casey, and we have adopted another cat to try to fill the hole left by TC.

Below are some pictures of TC.  While most of the photos show her at rest (she was a creative sleeper), she also loved to play, especially with threads.  She had the best purr in the universe, and while she was shedding weight during her illness, we were sure that she would fade away like the Cheshire cat, leaving only a purr.

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Ross holds his baby TC
Gandalf tackles TC
TC's leopard paw
TC in the sink
Butch, Gandalf, and TC
Butch, TC, and Gandalf
Gandalf and TC on the stairs
TC on the stairs
TC on the stairs
TC on the stairs
TC and Gandalf
TC enjoying a pet
TC sleeping
TC sleeping
TC sleeping (leopard paw)
TC trying to sleep
TC sleeping
TC sleeping
TC sleeping
TC sleeping
TC and Beta
TC as art
TC in a rare upright moment
Maman and TC
Mary and TC
Ben and TC
Kathy with three cats
Ben, Gandalf & TC
TC loving laundry
TC loving laundry
TC loving laundry
TC in a box
Pets in Sun 2004
TC sticks out her tongue
TC cross-legged
TC in Ithaca
TC and Casey on the bed
TC and Casey getting along
Longcat 1 (TC & Casey)

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