Ben went to England and Denmark for business, and popped up to Radley to visit the Kashtis for Passover.  Judith and the Zellners were there from Israel as well.

Here are some shots of Amatsia's kids, and a couple of the grownups, plus a few tourist shots from London and Copenhagen.

UK Denmark 001
UK Denmark 002
Silly Sam
UK Denmark 003
UK Denmark 004
UK Denmark 007
UK Denmark 008
UK Denmark 010
Truncated building near Paddington
UK Denmark 012 Gotta love it.
UK Denmark 013
Nyhavn in Copenhagen
UK Denmark 014
More Nyhavn
UK Denmark 015
Danish mer-babe
UK Denmark 016
The Nyhavn Hotel.  But they didn't have room for me, so moved my reservation to the Phoenix, former Communist Party HQ in Copenhagen.
UK Denmark 017
Taken from the train.  Those white stalks along the horizon are all windmills.
UK Denmark 018
From the train.  The main train station in Copenhagen.
UK Denmark 019
From the train.  Tracks.  Is it art?
UK Denmark 020