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Summer 2000 Pictures

OK folks, there are way too many pictures here.  I selected only the best for this sampling, but even so, I have well over a thousand of them.  Just kidding, but there are a lot, and they're separated into a bunch of pages below. 

We had oodles of visitors.  My cousin Amatzia came with Rebecca and their four kids, joined by Yona's widow Elisa with her two kids, her mother, and her sister.   That's eleven people in one big green bus, for those who count these things.   Amatzia's sister (and, coincidentally, my cousin) Michal also came with 80% of her family; Assaf had to remain for his army service.  So the Ben's Cousins section features all these people.   We joined the Gang of Eleven on a jaunt to Niagara Falls, accompanied as well by Ross's friend Gen.  Of course we took some snapshots.   Amatzia's youngest, Martha, also known as "Marfi", was entranced by the dogs.  She even started imitating Beta by chewing on her own sticks.  She's featured on the Marfi Page.

Not to be outdone by much, Kathy's family also visited.  Lisa and two of her three kids came, as well as Karen with Steve and their two kids.  They're all featured in the Kathy's Family section.  We all went to Upper Treman State Park.   Kathy's parents, Al and Carole Kerby, also visited.  We went to Taughannock Park with them.

We had some friends also come to visit.  They appeared to have a good time, as you can see on the Friends Page.

Of course, the big attraction of the place is Cayuga Lake.  And the smaller attraction is my parents' pool. So here's some Water Fun.

Then there are a few pictures that defy categorization.  Just Random Pix.