Puglia Bike Trip

We went on a wonderful bike tour with our friends Jake, Tom, and Michelle. The tour was organized by Ciclismo Classico, which is a well-regarded company out of Arlington, MA. 

Kathy and I flew into Brindisi and spent our first night in an apartment that we found through AirBNB. Our first experience with them turned out to exceed our highest expectations. Our hosts were extremely helpful and charming. The flat was just across the harbor from the “downtown” area, reachable by a small ferry a minute away. We explored the town in the evening, having a wonderful dinner at Bracerie Escosaio (highly recsomended)

The following day we went back to the airport to meet Tom & Michelle and made our way together down to the hotel in Lecce, where we rendezvoused with Jake, who had arrived by train from Rome. We walked around Lecce, and a nice dinner, and tried to sleep with a huge party going on outside the hotel.

Our first three days of the tour featured some inclement weather, though we only cancelled riding on the third day. The rain mostly held off for the first “test loop” ride and the second, to Mesagne. But the sun was present and strong for the fourth day and onward, so no complaints!

Highlights of the trip (besides great company and tons of fine food, wine, and gelati) were Alberobello, the “Trulli Town”, and Matera. See the picture pages for more.

There are two sets of pictures, one from the waterproof Olympus point-and-shoot that Ben carried while riding, the other from the Nikon DSLR that rode in the sag wagon or Ben carried while touring towns.To be honest, there’s a third set, namely those Ben took with his phone. Well, a fourth, too, from Kathy’s phone.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, or want to go into more depth, you can peruse the 800 or so photos in a lightly edited stream here.

© Ben Littauer 2014