Karen & Kevan 50th Party

A bunch of family and friends got together at Al & Carole's place on the Chickahominy river in Virginia to celebrate Karen 's and Kevan's 50th birthdays. Great BBQ, great drinks (with Julie as head bartender, Ross and others assisting), and great dancing (with playlists put together by Kathy). Fun was had by all, and we all wish the birthday kids a great next 50!

Thanks to Heather for about half of these photos.

Julie at the bar
Emily & Karen
Ross & Julie
Group shot
Group shot
Busy bar
Busy bar
Patsy & Ali
Group shot
Ross & Julie
Ben & group
Kathy, Jim, Karen, & Emily
Kathy, Jim, Karen, & Patsy
Group by the river
Dan & Lisa
Rick & Patsy
Ross, Ali, & Jessica
Kathy & Ben
Rick & Kathy
Carl, Corley, Emily, & Ali
3 sibs & Heather
Ben, Kathy, Kevan & Karen
Julie & Rick
Carole & Al
Carole & Al
Craig, Carole, & Lisa
Al & Carole
Busy dance floor
The sisters dancing
The cake
Karen & Kevan
Karen, Jeff, Ally, Julie, & Ben
Corley & Jessica
Kevan & Karen, then & now
Kathy & Lisa, then & now
Kathy & Lisa, then & now
Ally plays piano for the crowd
Ally plays piano for the crowd
Kevan & Karen

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