DC Road Trip

A couple of months ago Jon Stewart announced his Rally for Sanity, and we and Rick and Gitte decided that it was a great excuse for a road trip. So we arranged to stay with our respective sisters in DC, and drove down on Friday, October 29th, arriving after a heavily trafficked ride at 2am. A good number of cars also waved at us - we had posters for the rally stuck on the Prius...

Saturday was the rally, and it was overwhelming! CBS claimed 215,000 in attendance. We tried to take the Metro from Vienna, but the line to get into the station was around the block. Fortunately a cab happened by just then and we were able to get down to the Mall. Could not see or hear anything form the stage, but the crowd was amazing, and tons of good signs. Most of the pictures are up on flickr, but a couple are repeated here.

On the way home, more thumbs up from fellow travelers, including a fellow in a pickup truck from Massachusetts, with a wide array of conservative republican bumper stickers...

We took the scenic route up the Palisades Parkway and over the Tappan Zee bridge. The scenery shots are from one of the Hudson River overlooks on the Palisades.

The SanityMobile
The four of us
Palisades 1
Palisades 2
Palisades 3
Palisades 4

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