Coleen, Benjamin & (the other) David

We had visits from friends in mid-June, Coleen & son Benjamin came up from Florida on the way to Coleen's Dartmough reunion, and David (he's the other David, as Coleen's husband is also David) came up from CT for a trade show. Kathy took C&B to the MFA and NE Aquarium while Ben and David hit the conference, then we all met for a Boston Harbor Sunset Cruise. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so everyone had a great time. We also were in place to see (and hear) the shooting of the sunset cannon on the USS Constitution. 
Benjamin at the MFA
Benjamin & Coleen at MFA
Benjamin at NE Aquarium
Solings on Boston Harbor
Kathy on the Harbor Cruise boat
Schooner on the Harbor
Plane landing over Spanis schooner
Bank of America Pavillion
Legal Seafoods sculpture
David and Benjamin
Coleen, Benjamin & Kathy
Kathy & Ben & David's shadow
Air One (Alitalia) flight came back
Slow going for the Sonar
Rhodes 19 rowing
Police boat on the harbor
Logan airport
Fort Independence
Spanish schooner
Boston Skyline
Boston Skyline
Sunset over Charlestown
Boston Skyline
Zakim Bridge
Benjamin & Coleen
Cargo ship leaving the harbor
Customs Tower
Customs Tower
Boston Harbor Windmills
Constitution Cannon

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