UK trip June 26 - July 5 2010

We went to the UK for vacation this summer. It was the four of us, plus our niece, Emily.

Emily, Kathy, and Ben flew in from Boston, arriving Saturday, June 26. Ariana flew in non-stop from LA to meet us at Heathrow. Meantime, Ross came up to Boston for the weekend with his Ulitimate team to play a tournament at Devens. He left Sunday night to meet us Monday morning at Heathrow.

We took so many photos that I've split this into the sections above. We start with 2 days in London, before Ross arrived, off to Sotnehenge, Bath,  Warwick, and Oxford before returning for more time in London.

Then there are some theme albums of buildings that caught our eye, pubs, flowers, animals (mostly birds), and clocks.

Hop right in and hope you enjoy the trip!

Copyright 2010, Ben Littauer & Kathy Kerby