Wildwood Beach Ultimate 2009

Kathy and Ben flew down to Philadelphia to visit Ross and accompany him to the Beach Ultimate tournament at Wildwood, NJ. We saw Ross's house for the first time, and met longtime friend and house-mate, Seth. Saturday and Sunday were at the Ultimate tournament. Lots of sun and sand and crazy (mostly) young people playing Ultimate on 100 fields set up on the beach. We had fun on the boardwalk, as well, with Kathy reminiscing about old times at the similar Ocean City, MD, where her family went when Kathy was a child. We also rode the huge ferris wheel at Morey's Pier and took some shots of the craziness below. Ross played on two teams, a 3-1 (3 men, one woman) team called Yellow Submarines, and a 2-2 Swarthmore alumni team called Smartwhores.

Ross's house in Philly
Yellow Subs
High disk throw
Hope: Swat's best fan
Ross catches
Ross is well guarded
Wildwood ultimate fields
Pavel, Ross, Ricky, & KJ
Wildwood fields
Morey's pier
From the ferris wheel
From the ferris wheel
We like Harry's
Wildwood fields
From the ferris wheel
Kathy on the ferris wheel
Ross in the center
Yellow Submarines

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