Kayaking on the Sudbury River

June and early July have been totally dismal so Kathy and Ben decided to make the most of the good weather this weekend.

On Saturday we packed up the bikes with bathing suits and headed over to the South Bridge Boat House and rented ourselves a tandem kayak. We headed upstream and had a lovely two hour paddle (the usual gps track is below).

On Sunday we met our friends Rick and Gitte for breakfast, hung out in their back yard with tea, then packed up their tandem kayak and headed up toward Concord again, stopping in Bedford for a nice sushi lunch at Ginger. This time we went down river to the Old North Bridge, then headed back up and paddled a little way up the Assabet river before heading back to the starting point. The Assabet had much less traffic (lots of canoes and kayaks were out on the Sudbury and Concord rivers) and some positively impressionistic scenes.

All the rivers seem to be a couple of feet above their normal levels, given the flooded fields we paddled through.

On the way back home we stopped for tea at Gay Grace Teas Mobile Tea Room, which was parked near the Old North Bridge and had lovely iced and hot teas.

The following weekend we returned, picnicking first at the big green in Lincoln, then paddling up the Sudbury again. The water level was down about a foot from the previous week!

Lily pads up the Sudbury
Lily flower and algae
Kayak GPS track
Gitte & Rick
Assabet impressionism 1
Assabet impressionism 2
Assabet impressionism 3
Assabet impressionism 4
Gitte & Rick on the Assabet
Ben and Kathy on the Assabet
Gitte & Rick in the fields
Kathy & Ben in the fields
Kathy & Ben in the fields
Rick & Gitte under the Nashawtuck Rd. bridge
Mobile Tea Room 1
Mobile Tea Room 2
Mobile Tea Room 3
Buttonbush flower
Kinda pretty out there!
Lower water this week
Find the sandpiper!
Ben shoots himself and gets Kathy as well

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