Ithaca Quickie

We're working on getting the T-burg house in shape to rent, and Rick and Gitte generously and foolishly volunteered to help out with the packing up of our stuff.  So we bopped up the evening of April 3 (a hellish drive through traffic, rain, high winds, and fog), met our friends June and George for breakfast, then packed all day Saturday and Sunday morning, interrupted by a superb Coq au Vin at Celia and Dan's place, complete with a hot-tub session to soothe aching muscles.  We also met Tim, Beth, Ilene, and Emily for lunch at the State Diner on our way out of town.  The former three were up visiting Emily, who is at Cornell and had injured herself the previous weekend playing Rugby.  She looked like she was doing fine, though. The drive home Sunday was beautiful and quite quick, and was followed by a great sushy dinner (as usual) at Kyotoya in Stoneham.  A successful trip, if a bit stressful.

Taughannock Falls
George, June, Rick, Kathy, and Gitte
George, Ben, Rick, Kathy, and Gitte
Gitte and June

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