Birthdays at Blue Ginger

Kathy's birthday is December 10. The day before it is Ben's college roommate's, and two days before our good friend Rick's. This year the three couples, Mike & Pam, Rick & Gitte, and Kathy & Ben, all got together for dinner at Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger. Below are pictures of (most of) the food we ate - very delicious indeed! Gitte brought some grape seed extract supplements for the birthday kids as well as sunglasses for the non-birthday folks so we would not be "blinded by their brilliance" due to feeling so good from the supplements. This by way of explanation of the group picture toward the bottom.

Beef and Salmon Carpaccio
Tuna Poke
Veal Chop
Garlic-Black Pepper Lobster
North African Spiced Rack of Lamb
Alaskan Butterfish
Asian Lacquered Poussin
Indonesian Curry Pasta with Chicken
Mike, Pam, Gitte, Ben, and Rick
Happy Birthday Creme Brulee

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