Serravalle to Lido delle Nazione

Ben again suggested a change to the planned route for this ride.  The plan was to do much of the length the dike along the right side of the Po ("Destra Po"), but Ben's attention deficit kicked in ("too much Po!") and he suggested that we might try to get to Commachio, which features more canals and a cool bridge, plus we could stop at the beach along the way and dip our toes into the Adriatic.  John, as usual, was entirely willing to play along, so while we had been exploring Ferrara, John was dashing around in the van, scouting the route for us.  We took the van to Serravalle, rode to the mouth of the Po hear Goro, then back inland, heading south to the beaches. We ended up hopping in the van again after enjoying a long dip in the Adriatic at Lido delle Nazione since none of us really wanted to get back into sweaty bike clothes for another 20km ride.  We did drive through Commachio, though, and were duly impressed by Treponte. From there we went to our hotel in Ravenna.

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