Checking out of Hotel Chioggi-fornia

The trip-tik had wildly inaccurate distances on it, and we mis-interpreted the little diagram that John drew, so we ended up not finding the proper road out of Chioggia.  So we turned around and tried another street (ending up at the large rotary labeled SP95 above).  At that point we let the GPS take over and it led us back out through Sottomarina.  Then it showed some sort of triangular route there, which I decided to ignore by going down a sidewalk on a one-way street.  Tom got cut off from us and strayed from the straight and narrow, so the three of us turned back to find him.  Fortunately, we did, and then ended up joining the correct route at the bottom, center of the picture above.  This little adventure cost us a couple of hours and probably 20km.

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