Biking Venice (Mira) to Florence (Fiesole)

After leaving Ariana and Jessica in Venice, Kathy and Ben went to the mainland and got picked up at the train station in Mestre to be shuttled over to Villa Francheschi in Mira to begin our week-long ride to Florence.  Here are photos from that trip.

Mira Test Ride
Mira Canal
At VIlla Francheschi
Mira to Chioggia
Leaving Villa Francheschi
Canal boats in Dosa
Ben and Kathy with poppies
First day's lunch
First day's lunch spot
But the paparazzo shared his shots
Widows' home in Chioggia
Italian dudes in Chioggia
Chioggia main street
Typical lagoon appetizer
Day 2: Chioggia to Ferrara
Tom tries to fix Michelle's seat post
Checking out of Hotel Chioggi-fornia
On the road after being lost in Chioggia
Chioggia to Ferrara
We see the Po river
Rustic Po town (Vigento?)
Tower near Polesella
Ben and Kathy looking pro
The whole group
More Po
Picnic neighbor shares Prosecco
YAPPV: yet another picturesque Po village
Kathy on the gravel path to Ferrara
Ferrara hotel room
Parma hams in the Ferrara hotel restaurant
"Our Lady of the Bath" in Ferrara
We liven up the hotel decor in Ferrara
Ferrara Loop
Tom & Michelle at the walls of Ferrara
My view, often. I prefer flat bars.
Cimitero with family crypts near Sant'Egidio
Trains don't yield to bikes in Quartesana
Ferrara specialty: maccheroni pie
Ferrara police in front of McD's
Ferrara Duomo
Michelle and flood marker in Ferrara
Ferrara moated Castello Estense
Ferrara is a biking city
Ferrara main square at sundown
Leaving Ferrara Hotel
Our van in Serravalle
Fishing boats on the Po
Serravalle to Lido delle Nazione
Po countryside
Castle in Mesola
Castle in Mesola
Where are we?
Ben and Kathy crank to catch up
Michelle and Kathy in Goro
The boat bridge: a floating drawbridge
Crossing the boat bridge (video)
The light at the end of the Po
Lunch in Bosco Mesola
Man working the field south of Volano
Kathy and Ben in the Adriatic at Lido delle Nazione
Tom hacks near the beach
Ben shows off tan and socks
Treponte in Commachio
Michelle, Ben, Tom, & John
Room at Ravenna hotel
Ravenna hotel: do antique frescos have cowboys and ... elephants?
Ravenna Byzantine Basilica di San Vitale
Mosaic detail in Ravenna Basilica
Detail in Ravenna Basilica
Ravenna Basilica di San Vitale
Sunken chapel with fish in Church of San Francesco
Basilica di Sant'Apollinare Nuovo
Mosaic bike in Ravenna
Ravenna to Dozza
Kathy and Ben on the way to Dozza
It was hot in Dozza on 21 May at 16:52
Dozza landscape
Ben makes it up the hill to Monte del Re
Ben and Kathy hit the last hill to the hotel in Dozza
Tom and Michelle toast the end of the first ride with a hill
Ben and Kathy share a Campari and Prosecco
The hills near Dozza
Dozza to Il Trebbiolo
Michelle and Tom work their way up a hill early the last day
Foothills of the Apennines
A ridge road after the first hill. VERY windy
Herd of cattle
Bridge at the bottom of the 5 km downhill
Castel del Rio
WWII fighter next to Castel del Rio
I wish our van had been this cool!
Gorge near the Tuscany border
Gorge in Tuscany
San Pellegrino
Hills looking back toward Firenzuola
Big snail in Tuscany
Working up the long hill toward Firesole
Arriving at Il Trebbiolo Relais
View from Il Trebbiolo
Il Trebbiolo olive grove
Il Trebbiolo olive grove
Villa Francheschi, Mira
Hotel Grande Italia, Chioggia
Duchessa Isabella, Ferrara
Albergo Cappello, Ravenna
Monte del Re, Dozza
Il Trebbiolo Relais, Fiesole
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