Vegas and LA October 2008

Our friend Emilie decided to get herself hitched in Vegas and found this dude, Jeff, who was willing to go along with the whole thing.  So we invited ourselves along and witnessed the event, meeting Ariana there, as well.  Then we accompanied Ariana back to Glendale to hang with her for a few days and meet her cats.  Pix below.

Mandalay Bay Hotel
The ceremony
Ariana, Kathy, Gitte, and Mette
Gitte, Rick, Emilie, Jeff, & Erik
Red Square restaurant
Cool Kathy
Cool Emilie and Kathy
Kathy & Ben dance
Kathy & Ben
Emilie serenades while K&B dance
Jeff models M&M boxers
The cake
Cake cutting (cool accidental photo)
Tasting the cake
Vegas at night
Ben and the Komodo Dragon
Lion fish
Tiger nurse shark
Sawfish & shark
New York New York
Under construction - Gehry?
Fountain show at Bellagio
Caesar's Palace
Computer users plug in at Vegas airport
Mandalay Bay and Luxor from Vegas airport
Beach houses at Santa Monica
Santa Monica Pier
Beach and rock near Santa Monica Pier. We saw many dolphins frolicking around this rock as we watchd-- very nice!
Two moray eels in the tank at the Santa Monica Pier aquarium
Alex theater in Glendale
Zuma Beach and Point Dume. That's probably Palos Verdes in the distance
Beach houses in Oxnard

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