NYC Trip

On the spur of the moment, and partly in celebration of Ricks and Kathy's upcoming birthdays, Rick and Gitte suggested that we join them on a quick jaunt to New York City.  We talked to them on Friday at lunch, and by dinnertime that evening we had arranged cat sitting and were on our way to Park Ridge, NJ, where we spent two nights.  In between we took the bus to Port Authority and played in Manhattan.  We visited the crafts fair in Bryan Park, gawked like the tourists we were at Times Square and Rockefeller Center, had martinis at the Westin, and dinner at a very nice Brazilian restaurant (how many in a brazilion?).

Surrounded by brunches at the hotel in Park Ridge, we certainly consumed way too many calories, but we did have a great time.  Here's some evidence.

R&G on the bus
B&K on the bus
The bus goes down this road
Cool building near Port Authority
We want these jeans!
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
Hummer at Rockefeller Center
Hummer with a cause at Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
R,G, & K with singing Salvation Army dude -- he had a great voice & personality!
G, B, & R making faces with the nutcracker
Reflections on Times Square
The stairs above last minute tickets
Times Square
Clock tower in Times Square
Locamoda screen in Times Square
Marquis in Times Square
Choosing our martinis at the Westin
Buildings in Manhattan
Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building
Library Lion
Rick & Gitte
G, B, & R with the lion
Empire State Building
Empire State Building
K, B, & R at Port Authority
The four of us at Port Authority

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