DC Trip

Kathy and Ben flew down to Washington DC to visit Kathy's sister, Lisa, and to accompany Lisa and friend Dan to a party for K & L's cousin, Rick, the following day.

Kathy and Ben took the metro into DC and spent several hours in the Newseum, a museum dedicated to news in society.  In the evening we went to a nice grill near Arlington with Lisa and Dan, then drove across the bridge into DC again and visited a couple of the monuments at night.  

It was a gorgeous day, a fine dinner, and a lovely evening.

Washington Monument on a perfect day
Smithsonian Castle
Portion of the Berlin Wall inside the Newseum
Capitol from the Newseum, Canadian embassy on left.
Canadian embassy and US Capitol
FTC building and The Mall behind
FTC building and statue
Kathy at the Newseum with Capitol behind
National Gallery
Korean War memorial at night (very eerie)
Lincoln Memorial from Korean War Memorial
Lincoln Memorial at night
Gettysburg Address in Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument and Capitol
Washington Monument in the reflecting pool

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