BVI Pictures

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Ben and Kathy on an
Escape Rumba before
the mast step broke.
(57510 bytes)

Ben and Kathy
on the Rumba
(58824 bytes)

A rainbow over
Marina Cay
(41147 bytes)

Rick shows off his
solution to the propane
stove won't stay on
(47471 bytes)

Snorkelin' fools!
(63089 bytes)

Rick, The Old Salt
(48202 bytes)

Heeling is good!
(68240 bytes)

Emilie, Gitte & Ben
resting up for dinner.
(43591 bytes)

Gitte at the helm.
(40785 bytes)

Ariana and her new hat.
(34441 bytes)

Ariana and Ross
(53579 bytes)

Matey Erik steers.
(54662 bytes)

More heeling is better!
(55148 bytes)

Ross takes his turn.
(71161 bytes)

Lovebirds on New
Year's Eve
(45691 bytes)

And two more!
(51855 bytes)

Donald Sutherland
(59164 bytes)

Kathy, the #1
(54913 bytes)

Emilie's turn.
(43748 bytes)

Rick snaps a shot.
(38725 bytes)

Cap'n ben at the wheel,
Gitte and the Cat in
the Hat.
(41183 bytes)

Ross and Erik
(37977 bytes)

Ariana and Emilie
(60336 bytes)

The kids play Magic.
(46032 bytes)

Ben at the barbie.
(25919 bytes)

Off the swim deck.
(86457 bytes)

Ariana and Emilie
(93268 bytes)