We've moved, etc.

Well, it's been an exciting, though difficult couple of weeks.  We leased the new apartment as of September 15, and started moving on that Monday, having scheduled movers to pack and transport the bulk of things over on Tuesday the 16th.  I came down with a serious cold on the weekend of the 13th, and by Tuesday morning had developed conjunctivitis in my eye to complicate things.  So we revised our plan, which had Kathy moving the cats to Bedford before all the packing took place, and instead she stayed for the movers.

When the movers showed up, however, they told us that they were not packing, but just moving, which was, of course, a serious blow to our plans.  After a certain amount of delicate negotiations with the office, Kathy finally convinced them to help with packing (we bought boxes at the local U-Haul place) and things got back underway.  With Kathy's herculean efforts, everything got packed and moved in under 5 hours, though she had to go back later for the cats and a few other things that we'd left for later.  Meantime, I'm just a puddle on the couch.

The guys doing the actual moving were great, but I can no longer recommend the moving company, New England Household Movers (affiliated with Atlas -- they also did our T-Burg move in 2006).  The head honcho with whom I was doing the planning was so unprofessional and abusive to me on the phone that I will never do business with them again.

So on Tuesday night we were finally in, and Kathy had retrieved the cats (with the help of our good friend BJ).  There were still a few pictures left in Woburn, and final cleaning, but we only had to be out by end of day Wednesday, so all under control.  Then I started having serious nosebleeds from the cold, necessitating a visit to my ENT in Newton (an hour away at rush hour).  So Wednesday gets a little more crowded, but we close up the Woburn place successfully.

Thursday, more nosebleeds mean another rush hour trip to Newton, so Kathy drives me yet again.  This time things seem to be better.  By Saturday morning my cold is significantly better, but Kathy is beginning to feel some congestion herself.

Sunday was the Hub on Wheels charity ride that Kathy and I had been looking forward to so much.  The weather was slated to be perfect, and Kathy's company, Fortress Technologies, had sponsored her and four others as a team, so we decided to go.  It was absolutely marvelous!  They had closed Storrow Drive, so we rode there, then down the Riverway to Arnold Arboretum, through Franklin Park and over to the harbor and back to downtown.  It really was worth it, even though we were not in peak health.  Pictures can be found on picasaweb.

Since the ride, Kathy came down with laryngitis and has been mostly working from home to save her voice.  She's getting slowly better, and I've been slowly moving things into their correct places, so perhaps over the next week or so things will start feeling more like home here.

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