Wedding? What wedding?

Almost two years and no news? Well, some, if you’ve been watching the photos pages, where all the real news happens.

But there’s been plenty going on with us, of course. Many trip documented through the photos pages. We haven’t moved in years, which is nice; our pet situation is stable, also very good. Kathy still doing the software engineer thing at General Dynamics, a mixed blessing. Ben is still angel investing for fun, and maybe profit? More on that in his musings pages here.

Ariana has been doing tutoring out in LA, building herself quite a good practice, while still leaving her some time for her screenwriting.

The biggest news in the family is that it has grown. Ross and Hollie got married on Pi Day 2015 in Philadelphia. Definitely the event of the season, held at the Kimmel Center there. They are each graduating from their medical schools, Hofstra and Jefferson, respectively, in May 2015, and have done the “match” process for residencies in their specialties (emergency and anesthesiology, respectively) and ended up at their first choice of Yale - New Haven Hospital.

Pictures of the wedding are not yet filtered into a nice, easy package, but can be found in several places.

Candids taken by Rick:

Hoffer Photography’s blog post with highlights:

The whole set of proofs:

And very nice engagement photos:

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