Various updates

Since the vacation we've kept busy, as usual.  Kathy's now a project lead at work, which means that she can't afford to work from home as much as she used to - her people need her.

I've continued my work with the Boston Harbor Angels, trying to put together good companies with good money.  So far I've not invested anywhere, but I've got a couple of companies I'm interested in, as well as a few others I'm grooming.

Our new kitty, Casey, has acclimated well to her new home, and TC has mostly forgiven us for bringing Casey in.  They are not best friends, but tolerate each other just fine.  Some photos here, including a pair of posed, but not photoshopped, amusing shots.

We've also welcomed the good weather by breaking out the bicycles.  We've seen some spectacular flowers this spring.

Finally, we spent last weekend in Philadelphia for Ross's graduation.  We also saw Cirque du Soleil in Philly; it was spectacular!  Ross is spending a little time with us in Boston before he heads out in July for Thailand with friends.  He'll be in Philadelphia again next year doing "City Year".

We also had a lovely lunch with our old friends Bob and Patty who were in town for Bob's 25th Harvard Med School reunion.

More travels are upcoming this month with a trip to Ithaca next weekend, then down to Kathy's parents' place on the river in Virginia for brother Kevan's wedding.

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