Summer Update

We've had a fun and busy summer, so far. We're both trying to keep active, as well as trying - with good success! - to lose weight. We've done a lot of bicycling: Kathy rides the 11 miles to and from work three or four days a week, and Ben sometime accompanies her and other times does his own trips (which he tends to log on his GPS). We've also done some kayaking, and helped our friend Steve sail his Baltic 43 from Marblehead to Edgartown (Martha's Vineyard). We also took a trip down to Philadelphia to see Ross and accompany him over to the Wildwood, NJ, Beach Ultimate Tournament.

We're planning a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake to do a charity bike ride for the Heart and Stroke Foundation on August 16th. Feel free to sponsor us: Ben and/or Kathy

While in NotL we will be seeing our friends Tom and Michelle, who accompanied us on the bike portion of our Italy trip in May, and we'll get some fine food and wine and take in a play as well.

After Niagara, it's back to Ithaca for a couple of days to visit the folks there and enjoy the lake. Then back home and back to work (for Kathy, at least).

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