Summer 06 Update

We'll start with the easy stuff, namely the kid update.

Ariana graduated Pomona in May, and is now sharing an apartment in Glendale, CA with a friend. She is working on several screenplays on her own, and is also working at a film production house in Burbank several days a week. When they get funding for one particular film, they have said that they will bring Ariana on full-time. [more...]

Ross finished his second year at Swarthmore, and has a busy summer planned. He's just come back from a week visiting his friend, Hilary, in Hawaii. Through the beginning of August he will be a Resident Advisor at the CTY academic camp at Franklin & Marshall College in southern Pennsylvania. Then he's house-sitting for a friend here in the Boston area for the rest of August, and will be playing as much Ultimate as he can. At the beginning of September he and Kathy and I will be taking off for Europe, probably visiting Prague and various bits of Great Britain for ten days or so. At the end of that we'll leave him at St. Andrews University in Scotland for a semester program abroad. He'll return around the turn of the year and go back to Swarthmore in the spring. Busy guy! [more...]

As for us, we've had an other interesting year. The net result of it all is that we're selling our Lexington house (19 years!) and moving up to our house in Ithaca, NY. Kathy will be telecommuting for Fortress Technologies, the same company she worked for in the spring of '05. She'll be working on IPv6 and Mesh Routing (for the geeks in the audience), and will initially be coming back to Boston for a few days each month. I will be working on some projects with my father, looking into doing some on-line games to teach introductory physics. I'll also be keeping my eyes open for other engagements. [more...]

We have accepted an offer on the house, and are cautiously optimistic that things will not fall through before the closing, which is supposed to occur in mid-August. We plan to move up sometime between the end of June and the second week of July. We're still working out logistics with moving companies and our schedules.

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