Summer Update

Well, it's been a while since I updated the news, so here we go.

We're now well installed at 37 Fletcher. Still a few things in boxes, some minor jobs around the house left to be completed, but completely livable. We did a bunch of landscaping to clear the yard which had become terribly overgrown, mostly with very nice plants. We took out a few trees that were dead or dying, moved a bunch of shrubs and other plants here and there, and re-seeded the lawn. Looks a lot better already, but will probably take another year to fully recover.

We've taken a few trips, short ones to Cape Cod and Ithaca, a business and pleasure trip to SF for Ben, and a long one to the UK with the kids and our niece, Emily.

Two days before we left London Ben came down with a nasty case of what we're guessing was food poisoning, probably a strain of E.Coli. Pretty nasty and it lasted about two weeks, the whole time stumping the doctors (every test came back negative). But he's firing on all cylinders again, and eight pounds lighter to boot! Not the most pleasant way to lose weight, but at least there is a bright side to the whole episode.

Now we're looking forward to a week in Ithaca in August with friends and possibly a trip to visit Kathy's family at the river in VA and maybe even a trip to Israel in the fall.

We're both trying to keep active - cycling, walking, roller-blading, maybe get out kayaking. Kathy rides to work and back several times a week, which is a real win!

Both kids are doing well. Ariana continues to work on screenplays and is taking another screenwriting course at UCLA. Ross is in an intensive post-bac pre-med program at Bryn Mawr. He's got two semesters of chemistry in 10 weeks this summer, then two semesters each of physics, biology, and organic chemistry beginning next fall. Pretty intense, but he's very excited by the prospect of medical school.

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