Solar Summer

After a good deal of thinking and researching, Kathy and Ben decided to put solar on the house in Bedford. While it does not have the ideal, South facing roof, it has good exposure anyway (especially since we had to remove a couple of large maple trees a couple of years ago).

While we had used only 5.5mWh over the past year, the very clever salesman notices our two aging Priuses and asked how likely we were to have a plug-in vehicle in the next few years. Oh, the temptation! We succumbed and not only installed a large solar array which should produce just under 10mWh over the year, but we also purchased a Nissan Leaf, all-electric car. 

I've written up a blog post here: with some of the details.

The Leaf will actually be a zero-emission vehicle if we produce all its needs through the solar panels!

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