Returning to Boston

We've been in Ithaca for over a year now and the job situation for Ben remains pretty bleak here.  We're moving back to Boston imminently.  Our current Boston area address is in Winchester, but we have not yet settled on a more permanent living situation there.  For the moment we'll be doing quite a bit of commuting between Boston and Ithaca while things settle out.

We're having a decent summer here, despite the fact that Kathy has been working like a demon to meet some important deadlines for Fortress.  A full line-up of visitors through August will keep us enjoying the lake.

We've also had a long visit from Ariana, as well as a couple from Ross.  Both kids doing very well: Ariana is in Glendale finishing up a commissioned screenplay, and Ross just finished his summer research job in psychology at Swarthmore, and is planning to bop around the northeast a bit before beginning his senior year at Swat in September.

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