Obama Wins!

OK, we'll admit it: we were nervous.  We did our small part by giving to the campaign, and Ben spent a few hours in New Hampshire on election day helping get out the vote, but we still feared that "our guy" would somehow not get the prize.

Se we are totally thrilled with what we saw tonight as we watched the returns at an election night party with our friends Rick & Gitte and a small group of other like-minded folks.  At 11 pm, as soon at the left coast polls closed, CNN declared Obama the president-elect.  Shortly thereafter, John McCain gave an excellent and moving concession speech - if he'd spoken that well during the campaign, and hadn't brought in Caribou Barbie, we would have been much less fearful of a McCain presidency.

Obama's speech, after the requisite acknowledgments and thank yous, was eloquent and stirring.  More to the point, it addressed the fundamental truth that this is a beginning and we need to recognize that we will need to make sacrifices and work together if we're to succeed.  Yes we can!

We'll sleep better tonight!

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