Moving to Bedford September 15

Since Kathy got promoted to being a project lead at Fortress Technologies she's got to be in the office most days, which means that her commute of 40 minutes each way has gotten to be a real pain.  Besides which, the apartment complex we're in is a little dreary in the long term with its exciting view of I-93 and being tucked away in the farthest corner of Woburn.

We've just arranged to rent a townhouse in another Avalon "community", this time in Bedford.  This will put us about 11 miles from Kathy's work, even with a reasonably "bikeable" route.  For me it's more convenient to most of my meetings, and only a little worse to downtown Boston.

Our address will be 405 Avalon Drive, Bedford, MA 01730

A few pictures below.

Avalon Bedford
Avalon Bedford

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