Moved to T-Burg!

 The house sold July 25 to the Chomitzes without a hitch.  We went back at the beginning of August and visited, finally meeting all of them (this had all been done through agents and lawyers until now).  They are lovely people and will no doubt make a wonderful addition to the Moon Hill community.

We move over 5 tons (!) of stuff in mid-July and are still in the process of unpacking.  We're making progress, but there's still a long way to go.  40 or more boxes of books are still in the garage waiting to be dealt with.

Ariana came back from California to visit and help deal with her room.  She goes back tomorrow.  Her job out there is looking to become "real" toward the end of this month.

Ross finished up as RA at the CTY camp and had a great time.  He's now in Boston house-sitting and playing loads of Ultimate.  Basically having a good time.

Kathy's work keeps her a bit too busy, but we're hoping to settle into more routine as the house gets into shape.  After that we need to get into shape as there's been so much good food around here.

We're off to Prague and the UK in early September, winding up in St. Andrews to drop off Ross there.

That's all for now!

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