Moved in to 37 Fletcher!

It was pretty complicated, but we managed to bring all the components of our move together like clockwork:

The renovations were completed more or less on schedule, but about a week before we needed to bring in the first load of furniture from Ithaca. This allowed enough time for the floors, which had been refinished, to dry.

Our great friends, Rick and Gitte, accompanied us up to Ithaca to help pack up our house there in one frantic day, while Ben and Celia finalized the distribution of furniture, artwork, and memorabilia from Papa's house. The movers arrived on schedule on Friday, loaded the truck, and took the stuff away for the weekend. Meantime the four of us prepared the Ithaca house for summer rentals.

We drove back to Bedford on Sunday and met the Ithaca truck coming in Monday, which it did, again right on schedule.

Ben spent most of that week unpacking boxes and also ferrying loads of stuff over from the apartment and unpacking them directly to their destinations (this was mostly the kitchen stuff).

On Thursday night, we managed to sell our upright piano to a nice French family. This was great since it allowed us to get it transported on the same load as our stuff the following day, but we never had to store it in the new house (where it has no place).

Friday Gentle Giant movers appeared as arranged, packed and loaded, and poof, full house! Piano delivered to Lexington, job well done!

A few clean-ups at the old place, transfer of bicycles (which we preferred to move), and we're out of Avalon.

That weekend we had an interior designer friend come over, and with the help of some high school muscle we had hired, we moved the grand piano, couches, and other furniture around until it was to our liking.

We've continued unpacking since, and are mostly moved in. Still a lot of work sorting out and probably discarding some books and memorabilia - sorting we didn't have time to do in Ithaca - and we'll be all done. But the place is very livable, we've already had friends over, and we even have a guest bed available.

The neighborhood is really wonderful: while we were moving things in one neighbor came over with a box of freshly-baked brownies. And this weekend another neighbor has arranged a little wine party for the neighbors to welcome us! We feel very fortunate, indeed, to have chosen this place.

Pictures of the interior can be found here.

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