Late summer 2015 update

Well, here we find ourselves almost at Labor Day 2015 with another summer under our belts. We’ve had a very nice one, which may explain why updates here have been few and far between. 

Kathy and Ben went to London and France in late June to early July. We stayed with  Maman’s cousin Martin in London for a few nights, then met up with most of Ben’s first cousins in Dordogne for most of a week. Finally we had a few more nights in Paris. More on that when Ben gets around to culling the photos and writing things up.

We also went to Ithaca for a week, and have been enjoying great weather around Boston for kayaking and biking. Again, check out the photo pages in a little while. Ben is working on it, honestly.

Most recently Ben has gotten himself a new toy, a medium-fancy mountain bike.

20150828 163835

That’s a Specialized Camber 29. Big wheels and full suspension makes it a breeze to ride over rocks and roots. Of course, nothing changes the laws of physics, so on the first ride out in the Middlesex Fells Ben clipped a pedal on a high rock and tossed himself over the handlebars. No major damage, but definitely a MTB badge of honor.

20150826 192909

Skinned elbow and a strained calf. But still smiling.

Ben is also training Edie to do trail running behind the bike. Actually remarkably little training required since she seems to love it from the outset. We went to Great Brook Farm and did about 3 miles the first day, and Edie said “is that all ya got?” The next day we did the ride below at Estabrook Woods in Concord. Nearly six miles and a decent pace and Edie seemed to be eating it up. I don’t think we’ve been working the dogie enough.


So Ben is having fun while Kathy continues to toil away at GD to support his habits.

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