June 2011 Update

Life continues to treat us relatively well here. We're very happy in our still-new-to-us house in Bedford. Kathy continues to work hard at Fortress Technologies, but she and her team shipped the version that they had been working on for quite some time, and that has reduced the pressure a bit there. Ben is busy with angel investment stuff and mentoring of startups. Ariana, living out in North Hollywood, has nearly completed a script, and is already beginning work on the next one. Ross has finished up his post-bac, pre-med program at Bryn Mawr, and is now looking forward to beginning medical school at Hofstra on Long Island. This, of course, involves his moving out of his place in Philadelphia. 

We're all looking forward to a family vacation this summer up in Nova Scotia. Kathy and I have been thinking about going up there several summers now, but just haven't done it. This year we are finally going to see and experience those 50 foot tides on the Bay of Fundy!

Otherwise, all has been relatively quiet here, though we're always very busy with friends and activities. The time flies by...

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