July travels

July found us traveling down to Kathy's parents' place in Virginia to celebrate Karen's and Kevan's 50th birthdays. Al & Carole had put together a big party, and Kathy had put together the playlists for music, and everyone had a fine time!

From there Ben and Kathy went up to Nova Scotia with Ross and his girlfriend, Hollie. A very fine adventure-filled (in a good way) trip. Too many photos, as usual.

We're slated to go up to Ithaca for a week on the lake with Celia and Dan in mid-August, and Ben is booked for a bike trip in Brittany and Normandy with a few of his buddies. Kathy will be meeting Ben in Tel Aviv immediately following that for about a week in Israel, mostly visiting relatives.

In the meantime, Kathy's company has just been sold to General Dynamics, a move that had been anticipated for some time, but everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it has. Should not make a huge difference to Kathy's day to day life, as Fortress will be run as an independent subsidiary, but perhaps the bigger company will mean some improvement in the benefits package.

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