Happy New Year, 2010!

We just got back from a lovely trip to Costa Rica. It was the four of us, plus our nephew, David. We left on Boxing Day after having celebrated the holidays with Kathy's parents and family at their place on the Chickahominy river in Virginia. The trip was an unqualified success. Way too many pictures are available in the usual place, or a direct link here.

Back in Bedford now, we're getting ready to close next week on the new house. We've got our current apartment for a few months still, so we will probably do some renovations on the new place (open up the downstairs by removing a wall; adding a master bathroom) before we move in.

Kathy came back refreshed from the trip, despite a distinct shortage of sleep, and solved the nasty bug that had been plaguing her before she left. Ben is back in the angel investing swing of things and also managing the house upgrade. 

The kids are back in their respective homes. Ariana caught a cold the last day in Costa Rica and is recovering from that. Ross is back in Philly and working on completing applications to pre-med programs in the area; seems he wants to be a doctor...

Anyway, we're all hoping that 2010 will be a great year for all!

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