February Doldrums Update

We're expecting another snowstorm tonight -- it's been a pretty snowy winter so far.  One nice thing about apartment life, though, is that we don't have to shovel ourselves out.  Here's what's happening with all of us.

We all went to Mexico City the week before xmas, lots of pics coming, then to the Kerbys in VA for xmas with the cousins (more pics).  the kids stayed for a while until they returned to their respective abodes in Glendale, CA and at Swarthmore College.  Kathy has been working hard at Fortress Technologies still. And I've been networking madly trying to figure out my next "big thing".  Have re-established contacts with a lot of old colleagues and met a number of new folks as well.  I'm meeting with several angel investment groups this week to see whether that might be an interesting and fruitful avenue to pursue.  I am confident that something will come through eventually.

We've also had more pet excitement, with Gandalf needing surgery for a lump in his intestine.  Remarkably, the pathology report came back negative!  No cancer for this 16 year old cat.  All were very much relieved.

Meantime Ariana is nearing completion on her movie script and is happy that the writer's strike is over so it can be safely shopped around.  She also has been, and will be again, an extra on the next Star Trek movie.

Ross is in his last semester at Swarthmore, continuing to play Ultimate and finishing up his degree in psychology.  He's hoping to teach middle school next year and has begun interviewing.

Anyway, that's all for now! 

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