Another Angel Update

To lead off, Dibert has captured how I often feel about myself and my colleagues:

OK, on to more serious stuff, though I have to say that I'm having too much fun to take things completely seriously.

I've added another company to the portfolio, Vizibility. In the left column of this page, under my picture, you can see their product, the "SearchMe" button. Simple stuff, and if that were it, I'd have yawned and walked away. But their very impressive CEO, James Alexander, has some aces up his sleeve, and I think that the potential that he has in data acquisition will dwarf any direct revenues from button sales.

Earlier this month a couple of the local groups, Race Point Capital Group and Launchpad, merged their operations. I'm a good friend of RPCG's fearless leader, Christopher Mirabile, and I have a boatload of respect for Launchpad's managing director, Ham Lord, and I can only see great things coming from this merger so I jumped at the opportunity to join the combined group.

Once I've had more experience with Launchpad/RPCG I will post some thoughts on the differences between the groups.

But things are very busy for me these days. Looking at several deals, all of which are attractive, so I'm going to have to choose not to invest in one or more.

Pixability. Hot stuff. CEO Bettina Hein has been working for several years to find the right formula for leveraging her low-cost, high-value video production engine (human powered!). I think she and her team have got it right now. The most convincing piece of data: SEO is dramatically improved if a site incorporates video.

Brand-Yourself. Four young fellows out of Syracuse University who eat sleep and breathe SEO have developed a site that helps you manage your on-line "brand". Same general area as Vizibility, but a different, and really complementary approach.

StarStreetSports. I met Jeremy Levine this summer and, having come in to the meeting ready to tell him his business was crazy, left ready to invest. This one is a market in virtual shares of sports stars. Crazy, absolutely. But Jeremy is going to make it work, I'm convinced. Big Bux.

Anyway, that's the update for now.

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