Ben Littauer can be an opinionated fellow.  Here he shares some of those opinions for discussion.

A Tale of Four Exits

It’s been an interesting couple of months on the angel front. Having invested in many companies over the past nine years, some of them have aged to the point that things are happening. Some of them have rotted on the vine, others are ripe enough that they’re getting picked. 

Sal Daher's New Podcast Series

I received the following email recently from my Walnut Ventures colleague, Sal Daher, who had asked me for an interview for his upcoming podcast series. His email describes the series and has links to the pertinent places: his web site (where you can join his email list) and the iTunes store for the podcast itself.

Equity Crowdfunding & Troupe

I’ve made my first Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF, also known as “equity crowdfunding”) investment in Troupe Jewelry. I’d like to encourage each and every one of you who was interested enough to read this post to follow me into this investment, and I’ll explain why below.

Seed Stage Investing

I’m a pretty committed seed stage investor. Of my investments in 2016, Troupe, UltraCell, Blurr, and edivvy all qualify as seed since they were really early investments done as convertible notes. Nix86, while an equity investment led by two later stage groups, was the first money in, and the company was pre-revenue. …

Angel Thoughts, 8 Years In

I’ve just passed my 8 year anniversary as an angel investor earlier this spring, and I thought it might be worthwhile to note some of my thoughts.

I started out doing this because I wanted to re-engage with the entrepreneurial community after a living couple of years in upstate NY. …

KnipBio Shrimp Tasting

We went down to Roger WIlliams University in Bristol, RI, where Dr. Andy Rhyne and his students have been running some feed trials, first with clown fish, and more recently with shrimp. The shrimp trial has just completed, so Larry Feinberg invited a group of investors and other friends of the company to a tasting in Bristol on May 9, 2015.

About Angel Investing

I was sent a survey recently by Vanessa Dunaway, a Babson MBA student, and I thought I’d answer her questions publicly. The answers are probably of some interest to more than a few entrepreneurs looking for funding.

1. Why are you an investor?

There are many reasons I got into this. …

Call Me Petty - Stupid EV Tricks

The other night we were driving off to dinner in Burlington in our Nissan LEAF electric vehicle (EV).  At a red light we came alongside a bright yellow Audi with a lowered suspension and resonators on the exhaust, driven by a young man.

When the light changed, I took off as usual and quietly left the Audi behind. …

Old Tech For Entrepreneurs

I received a pointer to an interesting blog post in my email today.

While this particular post is aimed at sales people and consultants, it turns out that it is at least as applicable to entrepreneurs. 

Live Linking Photos With Mosaic

OK, this is pretty cool. 

Portfolio company Mosaic Archive has just released the latest version of their Lightroom photo synch software. Still allowing viewing of photos and editing of  stars & flags on IOS devices, it now uses Google Drive for infrastructure. …

Convertible Debt

As a “foolish” seed-stage investor I often find myself investing in convertible debt instead of a priced, preferred equity purchase (which are more generally used by angels groups and venture capitalists). I have learned some of the ins and out and “gotchas” of these, so I often speak about them at events for

Great Contact Email

As an angel investor I meet dozens of new folks weekly, each of whom is sure that they have a fabulous business idea for which I can help them get funding. I meet them at networking events, after presentations, as guests at angel group meetings, through referrals from my own network, and any number of other ways. …

Five Years as an Angel

I woke up recently to the realization that I started doing this angel investing thing five years ago to the month. Motivation back then was to build a network and find a C-level position in an exciting startup. I did that dance with a couple of companies, but realized that I really didn't want to invest all my time in one highly risky endeavor, and also that, gee, that was a boatload of work!

Investment Update July 2012

I see that I haven't posted since the end of last year, and quite a bit has happened in my world of angel investing, so time for an update. Top line is that my gambling habit remains out of control, but I am reining it in for a bit while I catch my breath, and hope for a couple more positive exits.

TCN Minute to Win It

I had the privilege of being one of a dozen or so judges at a breakfast pitch competition co-sponsored by Launchpad Venture Group (where I'm a member) and The Capital Network (TCN, where I'm on the advisory board). Called "Minute to Win It", this was a set on one-on-one speed pitches - elevator pitches, in the parlance - by a dozen or so entrepreneurs, each doing a timed, one minute pitch to one investor, then receiving three minutes of feedback, then repeat with three more investors.

Babson Big Idea

I was one of three judges at the Babson Big Idea Competition on November 12. We saw five companies each give three minute pitches followed by three minutes of Q&A. I have to admit that two of them left me cool, with a distinct feeling that there was plenty of competition in their space, and they had undistinguished offerings. … and SEO ... and virality

As an Angel Investor I work out of whatever place I'm at. Since I've been spending some time marketing myself I get a lot of meeting requests. Some of these are scheduled externally, and we often use the absolutely wonderful, free tool called Doodle (

Secure Email Irony

I recently had a wonderful (?) experience with secure email that I just have to share.

As some of you may know, I'm something of an expert on the subject of secure email, having worked as a Technology Strategist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and as a Technical Consultant for the MAssachusetts Health Data Consortium. …

The Value of Customer Service

Two recent experiences have highlighted for me, yet again, the immense value of top-notch customer service.

First, I'm working with a new photo scanning company,, and in the process of trying out their service I discovered a few things worth mentioning to management. …

Companies in the News

It's been a good couple of weeks for portfolio or "advisee" companies. 

Jeremy Levine of StarStreet, the sports star stock market, was one of the featured entrepreneurs at Angel Boot Camp. He provided some insights as to what he was looking for from his investors (in my case, just money, since I'm not a fantasy sports jock).

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